History of Domestication of the Muscovy Duck

Documentation of the Long History of the Domestication of the Muscovy Duck:

1. "Muscovy Ducks had been domesticated by various Native American cultures in the New World when Columbus arrived. The first few were brought to Europe by the European explorers at least by the 1500s." 

2. This book chronicles the long history of the domestication of Cairina moschata domestica.

Donkin, R.A. (1989): Muscovy duck, Cairina moschata domestica: Origins, Dispersal, and Associated Aspects of the Geography of Domestication. A.A. Balkema Publishers, B.R. Rotterdam ISSN/ISBN 9789061915447

3. “The dog (Canis familiaris) was already domesticated when early humans entered the western hemisphere. Over the ensuing millennia Native Americans domesticated comparatively few indigenous animals, in contrast to the many animals that were genetically and behaviorally modified from their wild ancestors through captive controlled breeding in the Old World. New World animal domesticates included only two large birds (the turkey in North America and muscovy duck, Cairina moschata, from Mexico south into South America), a medium-sized rodent (guinea pig, Cavia porcellus), and two camelids (llama, Lama glama, and alpaca, Vicugna pacos).”  Link

4. "The muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) was domesticated in Colombia and Peru before the arrival of the conquistadores."  Link

5. "HISTORY mentioned L'Hist nat des Oyseaux p 176 fol. Paris published 1545 then being mainly black variegated with other colours ie wild colouration.Confirmation source 'The Poultry Yard' by Peter Boswell"  Link

6. This is a link to a page from 'Poultry Breeding and Genetics' by R. D. Crawford. This traces domestication back to the 1500s and through Africa, Taiwan, France, etc.  Link

7. "When the first American poultry show was staged in Boston in 1849, three people exhibited Muscovies. In 1874, when the first American Standard of Perfection was compiled, the White Muscovy was included, even though colored birds were more common."  Link

Results of Brief Online Research Regarding Hatcheries Selling Muscovies in the US:

How long have hatcheries been selling domestic Muscovies in the United States? The following are my notes from a brief google search to answer this question.

1. Grimaud Farms, California

Grimaud Farms parent company has been raising Muscovy ducks since 1965, with breeding stock from France.

"A breed apart - Originating in the warm climates of South America, the Muscovy duck is a breed apart from the rest. It is by far the leanest domesticated duck breed. Long the favorite of Europeans, Muscovy now the duck of choice here in the United States.

All natural - Groupe Grimaud, our former parent company, has been raising Muscovy ducks since 1965. To take advantage of all this experience and ensure the genetic quality of our products, (French consultants continue to visit our operations every year). The birds are barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. We don't hurry nature: we grow our ducks for 70-85 days compared to 42-45 days for most Pekin ducks. This allows the bird to fully mature. Feed is carefully selected for a balanced diet and for the best possible yield and flavor."  Link

2. J M Hatchery sells Muscovies from breeding stock from France.  Link

3. Ridgway Hatchery sells Muscovies.   Link

4. McMurray Hatchery has been selling Muscovy eggs for over 20 years.  Link

This link below will take you to the entire list of results for googling "hatcheries muscovy". 
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